Designer Denim Jeans

Designer Denim Jeans

The very best in designer denim will define you. A quality pair of designer jeans has been at the top of our list of staples since trendy jeans joined the high-fashion world in the 1960s. By now, designers have branched out in their choices of fabrics used to create this fashion must. The Gilt Groupe sells designer denim jeans regularly in their sample sales. These sales are for members only. Joining is easy, fast and free.


Designer denim jeans are created for uniquely different body styles and genders. Designer denim jeans are cut to enhance your body and flatter the best of you. With the advent of new fabrics, women and men can now wear better fitting jeans that will make them always feel comfortable.  Better fitting could be long and slender, baggy and wide, or just form fitting.  The reality is that there are now jeans designed for every preference.


Often as consumers we do not mind if people are aware of what brand or designer we are wearing. Jeans today feature the logos, labels and signatures of our favorite brands, without going over the top.  While designers want awareness of their amazing clothing no one wants to feel like a walking billboard either.  Truly great designer jeans find the balance between the two.


Fashionable and sophisticated men began choosing designer denim jeans for functional convenience but, quickly over time, everyone started adopting denim and soon jeans became a standard of durable good looking clothing that can cross any social barrier.


Today, baggy denim jeans are in. Social statements are being made with designer denim that are made to mimic a vintage 1960s look and cut. Two popular designer denim jeans are those that are handmade from distressed fabrics. Low rise flare jeans and those with twisted seams are available with flared legs. These jeans are in high demand right now, due to their popularity in Hollywood.


Designer jeans have become more and more expensive, which makes it so difficult to commit to purchasing new jeans unless you have found the perfect fit and feel and know that these jeans above any other are the right pair for you. Jeans that the Gilt Groupe presents, represent a great selection of traditional classics and are made from the latest weaves of denim meaning it is now easy to find the best jeans and take advantage of the amazing discounts one can get from Gilts flash sales.


Designer Pants

designer pants

Those who wear the pants make the rules or so the theory goes.  The problem with the theory of course is that the pants need to be the “right” pants and not just any pants.  Gilt brings a fabulous array of designer pants for men and women all year long.  From casual to formal wear and everything in between there is always something for everyone.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

Designer Sunglasses

designer sunglasses

There is looking good and then there is seeing well.  With the best in designer styles and trends, Gilt is able to bring a wide variety of rare, exotic and unique designer sunglasses to its members.  No matter the season designer sun glasses will always have their place as a perfect accent to any wardrobe.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

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