Designer Denim

Denim began its journey into the fashion world in both England and France. This blue, woven cotton fabric was originally named “serge de Nimes”. Nimes was where the fabric was made and this sturdy fabric was then called serge. By the late 1700s, we called it denim. However Denim really got its start during the gold rush in California in the U.S., when the first pair of jeans were designed and made just for men to wear while panning for gold.


Designer denim only really took off in the late 1960s, when fashion aware and cotton craving socialites began demanding more and more uses for this great fabric. Denim continues to take its place on the runways, decade after decade.


The Gilt Groupe’s staff is always looking for the best designer denim products to present to you at a discount. Discounted designer denim is available on designer jeans, skirts, handbags and more all throughout the year.

Today, look for designer denim to include jeans for the entire family. Baggy, flare, skinny, super skinny, pencil fit and even high-waist designer denim jeans are being worn by fashion savvy people. Designer denim sales include skirts, shorts, shirts, jackets and even totes and handbags. Checkout the designer denim capris pants, shoes and hats, and quite a few other options, as well.


Designer denim jackets add an air of masculinity as well as a through back feel to a man’s wardrobe that represents a time long ago but not lost. Designer denim shoes are also great for the guys who love to get outside and play in the yard.  While not perfect for super rough terrain, denim shoes and sneakers have been known to hold up very well through harsh treatment.


Designer watchbands and belts made from denim are also becoming more and more popular, and are available for anyone in the family. Get an early start and take advantage of the great deals, including discount designer denim from

designer belts

Designer belts are for more than just holding up your pants.  Belts, hats and sunglasses offer fun opportunities to make personal statements about who you are or how you feel.  From large buckles that draw your eye or sleek minimalistic clasps, designer belts help round out the outfit.  Gilt offers a terrific set of designer belts for both men and women.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

designer Pants

Those who wear the pants make the rules or so the theory goes.  The problem with the theory of course is that the pants need to be the “right” pants and not just any pants.  Gilt brings a fabulous array of designer pants for men and women all year long.  From casual to formal wear and everything in between there is always something for everyone.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

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