Designer Dresses

Designer Dresses

The first designer dresses were born in the Nineteenth century, when fashion designers first started sewing their names or labels into their garments. Designers were beginning to create dresses the way they saw fit and began to decree what women of the times should wear. True artists then began to join the mix.


Today, original designer dresses are available from the Gilt Groupe online via unique sample sales that provide short term availability of unique designer fashions to those most interested. Gilt has captured the essences of designer dresses and understands how to deliver them to an online audience. Become a member and receive the opportunity to explore all of the possible designer fashion combinations available.


In today’s world of designer dresses, brands have become of particular importance among young ladies as well as cultured women. Women are watching what celebrities are wearing and want to be able to purchase the same look or style. By being able to access flash sales for unique designer dresses, while not having to be in NYC, allows all women the chance to experience the possibilities of designer fashion.


Many dress styles have endured the test of time. The sheath designer dress is a fitted dress that has been a staple of a women’s wardrobe for years. With new materials and patterns the sheath stays in style year after year and is an amazing dress for those who like to shop for fit and comfort.


Sleeveless designer dresses made of fine silk fabrics are a must for all. Along with the sheath, the shift dress from the 60s is back. This dress is a favorite of the designers with its straight, no waist shape, and also a vintage look that women love.


The sundress never seems to go out of style either. Designers’ sundresses are a wonderful addition to any closest. With thin, straps or halter tops, the sundress can go from shopping to the beach on a moments notice. Shoppers will find a great selection of designer dresses no matter the season.


And finally, let’s not forget the little black dress which every woman should own. There are many different designer dresses that help define what will be this seasons choice for the little black dress. A version of the little black dress is available from literally hundreds of different designers. What woman doesn’t need more than one black dress?


Designer dresses are selected specifically for Gilt Groupe members by the staff and offer affordable choices that are available in both trendy and classic styles from the best materials available world wide. What statement do you want to make? Can you just imagine the possibilities?

Designer Skirts

designer skirts

Finding the proper length, cut and color are the keys to purchasing the perfect designer skirt.  Somewhat like shopping for a diamond, there is always the perfect combination of form and function out there if you are willing to look.  Gilt brings together many of the latest skirt styles from designers the world over.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

Designer Blouses

designer blouses

If it fits and you like it then wear it!  Designer blouses tend to be so versatile that no matter what you want your style to be odds are the ability to use and reuse a designer blouse is endless.  With the capacity to transform any outfit from casual to formal and back again, most designer blouses offer the best opportunity to make more from less.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

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