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Loafers have become the most valuable shoe a man can purchase because of their great style and impeccable versatility. We have come a long way since the days when loafers were only associated with farmers who wore them to check on their “loafing” animals.

Women’s designer loafers are a great addition and add a great touch to business casual slacks, as well as with jeans or other casual wear. The most desirable designer loafers are often available to Gilt Groupe members.  

Designer loafers continue to add a unique value for both men and women who want a casual and comfortable look. Whether it is a tassel loafer or black patent leather versions for a formal occasion, designers have created a vast selection to compliment and add distinction to any persons look.

With the advent of the Weejun (designer penny loafers), created by the Bass shoe company, preppies adopted this style and added them to their uniform look. The loafer of today emerged when designers began to add their logos and signatures to these great slip-on wonders. The designer penny loafers available on Gilt include some amazing, soft Italian leather versions with rounded toes, as well as more formal looks.

Both men and women adore their penny loafers and continue to look to designers to create the classic loafer with a few modern tweaks. Today, they are available in many different colors and materials.

Swedish and Italian designer loafers continue to be a favorite choice among the elite, and there are many new and traditional choices available for both men and women. Designer loafers have managed to maintain their unique and universal appeal to young men and ladies, as well as their elders.

If you have ever wanted to find the best selection of designer loafers outside of the internet, try the airport.  Loafers have become the number one shoe for travelers, with their easy slip on slip off format and super comfortable feel, these shoes have become the preferred shoe of the professional traveler.

When you sign up for a membership with Gilt.com you will be able to find outstanding deals not only on designer loafers but also on a great selection of designer shoes for the entire family.