Designer Pants

Designer Pants

Pants did not really become what we think of as pants until the 1950s.  The fifties were the time when it became socially acceptable for both men and women to wear what we think of as modern day trousers in social and casual settings together.  Since that time fashion designers have gravitated towards creating designer pant styles because of the versatility of the cuts, styles, and fabrics that they have to chose from. has changed the way shoppers can find and purchase designer fashions.  Most well rounded collections that become featured in Gilt’s flash sales nearly always carry a unique and interesting set of designer pants and or capris.  All sales featured on Gilt are always hand selected and only made available to active members.


Color has taken a back seat to fabric in recent seasons.  With solids, prints, and stripes having made their way through main stream fashion recently, the focus is now on denim, cotton, nylon, silk, corduroy,  and flannel.  Using limited dyes and tints have helped produce more environmentally friendly products that have seen a massive rise in demand as more people become aware of the need to work with products that can easily be replenished.


Designer denim is universally the most popular form of designer pants on sale today.  Denim seems to transcend social status and economic divisions meaning almost anyone who wants to be able to make a personal statement with their favorite attire can do it through denim. And when you consider the terrific price savings Gilt is able to offer, it becomes extremely possible to own multiple styles, cuts, and colors of designer denim or of any designer pants for that matter.

Designer Belts

designer belts

Designer belts are for more than just holding up your pants.  Belts, hats and sunglasses offer fun opportunities to make personal statements about who you are or how you feel.  From large buckles that draw your eye or sleek minimalistic clasps, designer belts help round out the outfit.  Gilt offers a terrific set of designer belts for both men and women.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with
Designer Sunglasses

designer sunglasses

There is looking good and then there is seeing well.  With the best in designer styles and trends, Gilt is able to bring a wide variety of rare, exotic and unique designer sunglasses to its members.  No matter the season designer sun glasses will always have their place as a perfect accent to any wardrobe.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

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