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GANT Sunglasses

Gant's been all about classic, wearable Americana for more than half a century. And our debut collection of eyewear from the brand keeps the tradition going with everything from timeless, wire-rimmed aviators to bold acetate offerings in amber and tortoiseshell. Grab a pair to fend off the glare on a crisp fall day, and wear 'em clear through next summer.

Make a sound investment in the future of your eyes and only buy designer sunglasses. Protect your eyes (or your identity) from the sun in a great pair of stylish designer sunglasses. Look for great sample sales offered around the clock to members of the Gilt Groupe.

Sunglasses can become part of your persona. Men and women alike began their love affair with sunglasses in the 1940s. They have evolved into an accessory that is just as important as a watch to many or as an integral fashion statement to others. Designer sunglasses are available in classic and trendy styles.  Each style offers a unique perspective that can enhance your look, attitude, and or reputation without ever having to say a word.

Men are stepping outside in designer sunglasses more and more. Retro designs and classic aviator designer sunglasses tend to attract men searching for a smart look. Whether driving in your car or spending that day at the part with friends, be sure and bring your sunglasses to all outdoor events.

Designer sunglasses will endure the test of time. Do you remember Marilyn? Do you think she would ever have been without a pair of sunglasses?  Of course not.  And remember Jackie O, who loved her big designer creations and so did so many people that adored her style and sophisticated but bold look.

If you want to make a statement look for different shapes and colors again this season. Add some glamour to your outfit and find a pair that will match your personality. Fashionable sunglasses are also affordable and the selection is endless and ever-changing for Gilt Groupe members. Look to them for the best quality and styles.

Finally don’t forget that the ability to protect your eyes with most designer sunglasses is unsurpassed because designers use the best products to truly make for safe viewing. Get serious about eyewear and always remember to take them with you whenever you go anywhere during the day.