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The difference between a designer dress and a luxury dress often becomes blurred.  A luxury dress is defined by how it is made and what it is made out of.  A designer dress is about who made it and how it was made.  So in other words a luxury dress can be designer, but there is no guarantee a designer dress will be a luxury dress.

Luxury dresses are those dresses that often rely on existing designs to deliver new fabrics, high end glamour such as gem stones, or fur to already great existing designs.  When it is time to take the traditional little black dress and step it up into the luxury category, it means the sequins you recognize are no longer sequins, but rather precious stones.  Creating luxury dresses is a risk, brands really need to understand their audience and know what people want before they step out to make these limited edition fashions.

Gilt.com works to insure that, when the time comes, luxury can still be affordable.  Using sample sales Gilt is able to sell luxury and designer fashions including dresses, handbags, and sunglasses for as much as 70% off of retail.   This allows Gilt to bring true luxury products to a much larger audience and make them available to those of you who might never feel comfortable entering a retail outlet that carried similar products.

Today’s luxury dresses have undergone layers and layers of transformation.  As styles progress and awareness changes, the demands for materials like eco-friendly materials significantly alter the landscape of what can be done.  Right now, the imagination is the only limit to what can be made and brands continue to take classic designs and alter them to be even more interesting than they were when they were first imagined.