Men's Designer Belts

Men's Designer Belts

If you are going to wear nice clothes then you need nice accessories.  While often over looked, a designer belt can make all the difference in your appearance.  Belts don’t make the man like shoes do, but belts can certainly unmake the man pretty quickly if they don’t tie an outfit together.  Men’s designer belts have become part of the secret sauce that you don’t really appreciate until you get it wrong.


A designer belt represents an opportunity to make a subtle and unique statement about how you want your wardrobe to be perceived.  Designer belts made with large buckles or brightly polished chrome often send a message of a larger than life personality, while belts made from fine materials such as leather with subtle connectors often tie clothes together to deliver a put together feeling that radiates confidence and responsibility.


Anyway you see it investing in the proper accessories will help make a man’s wardrobe more complete and less likely to let a man down at the most inconvenient time.  Gilt is working with designers to bring designer men’s belts into collections and then featuring them in their members only sample sales, which immediately makes designer belts and accessories extremely affordable.


Being able to offer high quality products at prices that don’t break the bank make it much easier for ladies to convince there men that purchasing the best quality products will not only help enhance their sense of style but will also make it much easier for men to willing to give it a try.  Through a membership with Gilt, men can now quickly and easily shop for all the best designer fashions without the fuss or inconvenience of the traditional retail experience and that in itself should be a relief.


Designer Shoes

designer shoes

Have you ever heard the saying, walk in my shoes before assuming you know how I feel?  Well we take that saying literally.  We know those who chose to own designer shoes always feel great because good looking well made shoes tend to make those who wear them happier and more confident.  Gilt offers a terrific assortment of designer shoes from classic loafers and pumps to dress shoes and high heels.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

Designer Sunglasses

designer sunglasses

There is looking good and then there is seeing well.  With the best in designer styles and trends, Gilt is able to bring a wide variety of rare, exotic and unique designer sunglasses to its members.  No matter the season designer sun glasses will always have their place as a perfect accent to any wardrobe.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with

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