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Men love leather, unfortunately leather is hot, expensive, and often times to delicate for the lifestyle an active man wants to lead.  Men’s designer denim is all about comfortable clothing that will last through the day to day stresses that men place on their wardrobes.  

Distressed-denim jeans and distressed-denim jackets have returned to popularity because of their similarity to leather only without all of the challenges that leather represents. Designer are said to be creating new denim clothing with an attitude, to match the way a modern man wants to portray himself.. From preppy to mountain-climbing, men are wearing denim clothing every single day. has found ways to make both leather and men’s designer denim much more affordable.  Using online sample sales Gilt is able to combine men’s designer fashions to create collections of high end merchandise that can be sold at extremely reasonable prices.  Prices can be reduced as much as 70% off of retail, which makes getting the best possible denim clothing very affordable and makes shopping less time consuming and less complicated.

Men know what they like and once they find it, their loyalty can be nearly unimaginable.  Jeans rule and men learn this from an early age, but once men discover the comfort and longevity of designer denim jeans, their loyalty to their old brands falls quickly by the way side. 

Men quickly come to appreciate the quality of the denim, the high end work to make sure all the seams, buttons, and zippers will stay intact without fail for the life of the clothes and the amazing array of design work that can be worked into the apparel, once all of this happens there is just no going back.