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Sale Ended June 28, 2016

App Early Access: Prada Apparel

Covetable modern classics by the Italian design house

Sale Ended July 22, 2016

Back to Black: Vintage Accessories

Make an investment in splurge-worthy extras in the classic, goes-with-everything hue

Sale Ended July 11, 2016

Versace Collection Dress Shoes & Belts

Finish your look with more than a little luxe

Sale Ended July 26, 2016

Bold Style Feat. Emilio Pucci Apparel

Shake up your wardrobe with eye-catching pieces in high-octane prints

Sale Ended July 12, 2016

Italian Designers feat. Prada

Refined styles by a host of A-list brands

Sale Ended July 14, 2016

Statement Designer Jewelry & More

Instant upgrades for any outfit

Sale Ended July 12, 2016

이탈리안 디자이너 제품들, 프라다

최고 브랜드의 정제된 스타일

Sale Ended July 17, 2016

Corner-Office Chic: Designer Workwear

Polished layers, silk separates, and more for your executive-level style

An online sample sale or flash sale is when hand selects items from a specific designer’s collection, rolls them up with other items from the same designer or thematically with other designers items and then discounts them for a limited time with a limited amount of availability.

Sample sales have that great feel of anticipation and unpredictability.  One never really knows what will come up for sale or when, until just before a sale is ready to happen.  This means there is still fun and excitement involved in each new sale.  And with the ability to deliver sample sales now over the internet it means they are no longer limited to those in the know or those who live in a large city such as New York.

Bringing designer fashion and the internet together was nothing new.  But being able to sell designer fashions at steep discounts, the way Gilt does, over the internet was definitely new.  Gilt has opened up an entirely new world to many people who were unaware or never thought that they would have the means to purchase designer fashions and accessories on a regular basis.

Even if you cannot purchase often, we believe knowing what’s happening in the world of fashion and staying connected is great.  And when suddenly the things you have been looking and or waiting for do go on sale, by being a member of Gilt you will know they are coming and have immediate access to be able to purchase them when they arrive for sale.