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One of the most glorious times of year for any teenage girl is prom. Once the guy she has been hoping would ask her out does so she needs to get busy in preparation for prom night. There are plenty of things to do but the biggest and most important task is finding the perfect prom dress. The Gilt Groupe sells a wonderful selection of prom dresses crafted by the finest designers in the fashion industry. stands out from similar online shopping services by offering designer prom dresses at below retail prices. was established back in 2007 with the idea of a web based shopping site that specifically catered to shoppers wanting to look for brand name clothing and accessories from the comfort of home. The Gilt Groupe is able to offer such tremendous merchandise due to the fact designers have sought out as the place to sell their merchandise and get that done quickly.

Designers like to sell their inventory of prom dresses on due to the fact that Gilt Groupe sells their merchandise to a limited number of shoppers, smart and savvy shoppers that like to buy. The number is limited because is a member’s only website. People may submit an application online to join the Gilt Groupe and become a member for free. There is no cost to join and there are no application fees.

Membership gives a client access to and the right to view any new prom dresses that have been advertised for sale. Designers post prom dresses and other styles of clothing for sale at noon EST each business day with the sale lasting for a 36 hour time period. Once a sale has been posted neither the designer nor may alter the price of the prom dress. This is important because all prom dresses on are sold at prices below retail, sometimes with savings as much as 60% off!

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