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Silk has long been a highly coveted and treasured commodity. In fact, silk was so valuable, the Ancient Orient managed to keep the secrets of its production under wraps from the Western World for over 3,000 years. At one point, it was made a law that anyone who revealed the secrets of silk production would be put to death.


Silk is actually made from the unraveled cocoon of the silk worm, which is raised in silk farms around the world. The soft to the touch texture and rugged durability make it a highly sought after and precious fabric. In fact, a single strand of silk is stronger than a similar sized filament of steel!

Thankfully for all of us, the secret of silk production eventually spread to the rest of the world and now silk is an everyday staple in our fashion repertoire. Perhaps no silk item is more beautiful, elegant and in-demand than the silk dress.

Fashion designers around the world are producing some of the most exquisite and stunning silk dresses that will make any girl look and feel like royalty. From the comfort of a silk slip to the elegance of a beautiful silk gown, silk dresses are a must have for every woman’s wardrobe.

Today’s designers are producing silk dresses in a number of different styles and The Gilt Groupe is your connection for great deals on high quality silk dresses.  Silk maxi dresses are very popular this season as are timeless silk evening gowns. From strapless silk halters to silk shoulder dresses, silk camis to silk sundresses, pleated silk dresses to ruffled silk dresses, there is an endless selection of silk dresses to be found at Gilt.com.

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