Women's Designer Pants

Women's Designer Pants

Women adore pants. Skirts have taken a backseat in our closets along with those over the hill shoulder pads in our jackets. It is time to clean out your closet and get some new women’s designer pants from the Gilt Groupe. The selection is fabulous and every changing. Get started and update your look with some new women’s designer pants.


We can thank modern western civilization for making pants fitting and proper attire for fashion-aware ladies. When the 1960s rolled around with its revolutionary social changes and freedom of the press became a hot topic, ladies were not allowed to wear pants to school or to work. You had to wear a dress or a skirt. The only acceptable time to where pants of any kind was for casual event only and then you still had to ensure that they were suitable.  Amazing how the world has the world changed.


Back then Capris were popular. Let us not also forget the Spork, a pair of shorts with a rap-around flap or skirt that draped over the front of the shorts so that they were barely visible. Culottes followed and with the protests and unrest came hippies. Bell bottoms and flare designer pants hit the fashion scene and have not left since.


Designer pants for women continue to evolve. Women’s pants have since evolved more and more to feature pleats in front. Even casual designer slacks have pleats for a more relaxed fit. Cuffs or no cuffs designer pant styles go in and out of fashion but not matter how long something stays out it is always sure to be in again.


The Gilt Groupe continuously has sample sales that feature designer pants for women. The selection is fantastic and ever changing to keep up with what is popular seasonally. Joining the Gilt Groupe lets you access the newest designer pants all in one easy to use website.


Just a century ago, women didn’t even where pants. Now they are a staple in our everyday casual, business and social life. As a member of the Gilt Groupe you can participate in sample sales daily and make sure that your wardrobe stays as up to date as you are.

Designer Dresses

designer dresses

Sleeveless, backless or both, less is more or is it?  Where form meets function and style meets comforts is the place that you find the perfect designer dress.  Long or short and flowing or firm fitting there is no fixed rule on how a dress should look, feel, or flow.  Gilt finds dresses from around the corner and around the world for you every single season.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with Gilt.com?

Designer Skirts

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Finding the proper length, cut and color are the keys to purchasing the perfect designer skirt.  Somewhat like shopping for a diamond, there is always the perfect combination of form and function out there if you are willing to look.  Gilt brings together many of the latest skirt styles from designers the world over.  Are you ready to discover your designer style with Gilt.com?

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