The Story of the CHRISHABANA Squid

There is actually a Chris Habana behind the acclaimed CHRISHABANA jewelry line. We’re selling the latter tomorrow on Gilt Man (along with some great Generic Surplus sneakers) but we checked in with the former today. We asked him to pick his favorite piece in the sale and tell us what inspired him. You might be surprised.

What’s your favorite piece, Chris Habana?

Just because of the involved process it took to carve it, I love the Mounted Squid Necklace.  The entire collection was inspired by POP surf culture in the 90’s, taking inspiration from TV shows such as Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210, and In Living Color.

Why the squid in particular?

While the other charms are a more lighthearted take on the theme, I wanted to challenge myself and come up with a piece that was both intricate to make and was a more direct version of my inspiration of surf and sea life.  I decided to carve a model of a mounted squid. The process was intense, as the initial model’s tentacles kept breaking off.  After reworking the tentacles, and this went on for a few rounds, the piece was complete, both dynamic and solid at the same time.  It was cast in brass and plated a gunmetal grey.

What kind of guy can pull off a piece like that, tentacle and all?

The guy that would wear the piece, and really, the whole collection is a guy that wants to channel his inner surfer.  Anyone with a loose, chill vibe would really respond to these pieces.  Guys who usually wear CHRISHABANA are guys who don’t take themselves too seriously, and this necklace is no exception.  I recommend wearing the piece with a beaten down, well worn t-shirt…but you can wear it with anything, for real.


Hang loose brah!

Get your own brass squid tomorrow at our CHRISHABANA and Generic Surplus sale, 7/23, at 12:00pm.

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