Details, Details, Details

Michael Williams shoots the New York Fashion Week scene.

[smooth=id:16;] Ever since the Sartorialist first hit the scene in Milan a few years back, street style bloggers have become as much a staple of fashion week as PR girls in headsets and wicked, three-day hangovers. While we have no scientific proof of this, it seems only natural that an explosion of guys with cameras would lead to a marked uptick in the level of off-runway style. Here, Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean puts that theory to the test with his fancy new Canon 5D in tow. Check back in a day or two to see the results of Mister Mort’s turn behind the lens.

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  2. Eyad says:

    I like this

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  4. Jonathan says:

    The bloke with the grey Paul Smith suit is the best dressed of all.
    Who is the guy and why doesn’t he have his own style column (or does he)?

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