Dispatches from Spring '11: Michael Bastian

Look out, Stefano and Domenico?
Photo: Getty Images

What's the point of a yellow leather belt if it's not showing?

New York designers are staking their claim to the global stage this week. David Neville and Marcus Wainwright from Rag & Bone showed they can do deconstructed workwear (with a North African—or was that Japanese?—twist) as well as anyone in Paris or Tokyo, while their fellow British expat Simon Spurr went a long way toward positioning his label as the American answer to Bottega Veneta (note: in my world there is no higher compliment).* Meanwhile, the all-American Michael Bastian presented a 41-look collection that was downright Dolce-esque (also a compliment) in its masterfully wrought blend of impeccable tailoring, over-the-top butchness, and unapologetic luxury.

[Check out the full collection at GQ.com.]

* Full disclosure: I said something pretty similar on my Twitter right after Spurr on Sunday morning. And while I’m sure that paraphrasing one’s own tweet in a blog post is the height of Web 3.0 gaucheness, these days it seems a little unrealistic to expect originality across all available media.

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