Friday Tastings: The Dalmore MacKenzie

There are just 200 bottles available Stateside. One of them should be yours.

The MacKenzies long owned The Dalmore single malt, which explains why the brand’s logo is the clan stag. (Legend has it the clan founder once saved King Alexander from a charging buck.) It also explains why this tasty new expression, in tribute, is called The Mackenzie. Located near the Black Isle in the Northern Highlands, Dalmore’s distillery is well respected in whisky sniffing circles (thanks to its smaller production than many big brands and old whisky stocks), and prized for its luxurious, slippers-and-silk-pajamas style malts (a la Macallan). The MacKenzie—released across the pond in March, but only just available stateside—is a lively beauty, aged for 12-years in bourbon barrels, and six more in port wine butts (Dalmore usually favors sherry casks). The whisky is characteristically rich and round, but also fiery, with flashes of citrus, and stirrings of smoke pushing back against the port sweetness. Dalmore made 3,000 bottles of the stuff, but sent just 200 (at $175 a pop) our way. If that’s not exclusive enough for you, try the new 1981 Finesse Amoroso. Only 484 bottles of that are available worldwide, and each one runs a cool $1,800.


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  1. Jesse says:

    Where can we buy this whiskey for that price?
    Sincerely, Huge Whiskey Fan

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