Friday Tastings: Glenmorangie Finealta

Sometimes a little smoke is good for you.

Bloodlines can hide shocking truths. So, apparently, can whisky archives. Glenmorangie—the famously delicate highland single malt—recently discovered a secret in its supposedly smoke-free DNA: peat. Turns out the distillery once used it to dry their barley. The new Finealta (Gaelic for “elegant,” Jeopardy fans) is an attempt to recreate that turn-of-the-century sauce, and it’s the best argument we’ve seen for time travel since Marty McFly taught Biff a lesson in sucker punches. Consider it the fireside Glenmorangie: a lovely, 92-proof companion for fall. Vanilla and honeysuckle up front give way to a gradually warming peat, all held together by the label’s signature silkiness. Extra aging in Oloroso sherry casks (evidently, there weren’t too many bourbon barrels around in 1903) lends a toothsome depth. Finealta is the second release in Glenmorangie’s Private Edition line, and is currently only available in international travel retail (that will change in January). Field trip to Heathrow, anyone?

Glenmorangie Finealta, available in airports worldwide, $80. (Oh, and we’re sure you already know this, but just in case: it’s pronounced “glen-MOR-anjee.”)

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