How to Match Your Suit to Your Shoes

There are certain areas of a man’s wardrobe where the rules of style are more suggestions than iron-clad laws. This is not one of them. Fortunately, this is also a case where the rules are fairly easy to follow. Below, all you’ll ever need to know.

Illustrations: Tobatron

Here’s what goes with what. End of story.

Blue suit
-Brown shoes
-Black shoes

Gray suit
-Brown shoes
-Black shoes

Brown suit
-Brown shoes

Black suit
-Black shoes

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  2. Leo+David says:

    How about cordovan? Burgundy looks good with Navy.

  3. Lanette says:

    Fantastic graphic and explanation! Less is often more and simplicity can make the complicated, uncomplicated…End of story.

  4. Matt says:

    You are not supposed to wear brown shoes with a blue or navy suit. The only shoes that go with a blue or navy suit are black, cordovan, or oxblood shoes.

  5. Jack says:

    No grey?

  6. Derek says:

    @ matt: wearing black shoes and a black belt with a navy suit is like whispering: you’ll never speak speak out of turn, but you won’t stand out, either. paring brown shoes and a brown belt with a navy suit will give you a bold look.

  7. admin-tyler says:

    I must say that I respectfully disagree, sir. In my book, a nice pair of cognac-colored monkstraps can be a very stylish complement to, say, a navy pinstripe flannel suit.

  8. Andrew says:

    Matt, I disagree with you on the no brown with navy idea. I actually do this quite often and I love the look. It doesn’t look mismatched at all.

  9. C.+P. says:

    Grey shoes? Wha…?

  10. C.+P. says:

    Grey shoes? Huh?

  11. Hemanth says:

    Remember that brown includes a lot of possibilities in shade and texture. You can have oxblood/burgundy (a red brown), dark brown and antique tan (a light brown). Brown can be made from calf leather, shell cordovan or suede. This makes a range of brown shoes almost all you need for a wide range of suits and trousers, expect for needing one black pair of cap-toes for a really formal look with navy, gray or black suits.

  12. Tardis says:

    Wear whatever makes you feel good!

  13. Enrique says:

    agree with admin-tyler.

  14. Enrique says:

    Of course grey shoes! wear them with blue and grey trousers.
    And I must say, a guy who wears black shoes with anything other than a black trouser is definitely not the demographic of Gilt onyour “GQ-reader”. I wear NAVY oxfords way more times than I wear my black ones.

  15. Gregory says:

    What about my Calvin Klein Collection nude patent oxfords I just received from Gilt?!

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  20. Anthony says:

    Black shoes with a blue suite is what Policemen do, get a pair of Navy shoes or some brown ones with your blue suite. Lest you want to stand at a 4 way intersection and direct traffic.

  21. Winston says:

    I’m in the no black with navy school.

  22. null says:

    agree with admin-tyler #2

  23. Brian says:

    Always brown shoes with gray and blue trousers. It is advisable to have two pairs of different shades of brown shoes rather than one black and brown. Brown is far more versatile than black, far less boring as well.

  24. Glenn says:

    Sorry, but, not for the stylish Italian, who considers that “black shoes” are only for funerals regardless of the suit’s/slack’s color.

  25. Glenn says:

    Black is only for funerals and Germans at least for the stylish Italian.

  26. Sohail says:

    I think black looks pretty nice with grey trousers too but I am still learning in the ways of sartorial style

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