Proper Hangers

There's nothing worse for a suit than being poorly hung.

Illustration: Mickey Duzyj

If you’re a habitual tuxedo renter, then by all means keep them on wire hangers.  Perhaps you also opt for the white Taurus whenever you travel. If, however, you’re an adult of good sartorial standing—or aspire to be—then you know you need to have your own evening attire. You also know this: A real suit coat deserves a real hanger.

A contoured hanger—which is often wood but can come in plastic as well—maintains the natural curve of a shoulder and the shape of a coat. Wire hangers flatten them unnaturally. (Joan Crawford had a point there.) Trousers don’t deserve to be draped over narrow wire either, where they’re more likely to crease. A half-inch wide plastic number can do the trick, but a one-inch wooden hanger is better still, and looks terrific in your closet. What’s good for your suit is good for your morale, and opening the door to the inner sanctum of your sartorial realm should inspire self-assurance, not recall the havoc of a struggling dry cleaner.

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