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The Gilt MAN Q&A: David Neville of Rag & Bone

The first in a series of cheerfully probing breakfasts where correspondent Euan Rellie sits down with our favorite fashion guys to shoot the breeze and, with any luck, pick up a few style tips along the way.
Photos: Art Tavee

Rellie and Neville.

David Neville is co-designer and co-founder of Rag & Bone, with fellow British expat Marcus Wainwright. They both have beautiful wives, adorable kids, and cool friends around town. A confession: the Nevilles have been to stay at my house in Bridgehampton a few times; they are dear friends, and I tend to flirt both with David’s wife and with his mum. Mr. Neville might be slightly better looking and more successful than I am, and he may have once dated Sienna Miller, but, all in all, women seem to like me more than him.

But more to the point, he and Marcus make great clothes. I love their razor suit and military jackets, as well as the solid, understated hardware on Rag & Bone shirts. I am not their only fan: when we sat down for breakfast at Café Cluny, David told me that last month was a record for the label.

So tell me: How should a man dress in 2010?

And how does Rag & Bone reflect that?
Our clothes are really well made, fit great, are modern but classic at the same time.

What advice would you give to guys seeking to up their style game?
Easy. Go to 104 Christopher Street in New York [the location of the Rag & Bone men’s store]. Take a credit card with you. Or if that’s inconvenient, just look out for our sales on Gilt.

Where are you and Marcus planning to take the brand in the years ahead?
We want to keep our heads down and keep a firm grasp on the integrity of our brand. We plan to open more retail stores outside of New York. We’re opening in a cool store near Harajuku in Tokyo in October, which is super exciting. We go to Seoul, Korea before that to participate in an event at 10 Corso Como, which should be fun too.

We notice you broke with tradition and skipped your trademark waistcoat for the latest collection—is this a sign that we are entering a post-vest era in menswear?
Maybe. But I still wear a waistcoat all the time.

What is cool beyond R&B?
Playing tennis in the morning at Midtown Tennis [Ed. note—um, is that where Anna Wintour plays?] breakfast at Pastis or Café Cluny, and the Brass Monkey—the nicest bar in NYC. Also, the New York Yankees entering the postseason, and New York in fall.

How do you stay sane as a husband, dad and entrepreneur? I’m struggling with that myself.
It is definitely a challenge but I feel extremely lucky and grateful for everything in my life. And beer helps.

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  1. PRASHANT says:

    Is this an interview or a joke?

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  3. joseph says:

    Dressing for Business is BACK in a big way.(see Wall Street 2 as an example).
    Just attended a real estate conference in NYC and the room was full of 350 very well dressed men. Sharp suits, pocket squares, shined shoes and great watches. It takes an effort but is well worth it.
    “effortless dressing” is too casual. Sorry guys

  4. C.+P. says:

    I think he means it supposed to look effortless

  5. LeRon says:

    He is not interested in the waist coat???

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  7. Xavier says:

    Rag & Bone is great style but terrible quality. Had a few pairs of pants from them coming apart at the seams. They exchanged them, but you don’t expect that type of quality at the prices they charge.

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