The St. John Hotel, London

Fergus Henderson, he of St. John Bar and Restaurant and chef-in-chief of the nose-to-tail movement, goes from innards to inns this fall, opening this 15-room hotel in the heart of London’s Chinatown. Henderson (that’s him, above, in the tub) trained as an architect, and he has firm ideas about aesthetics, so expect the interiors to reflect the look of his restaurant—unfussy, with whitewashed walls and wood panels (he spits, “you won’t see any tassels on things”). And of course, the chef isn’t ditching his toque entirely: he’ll also have a restaurant at the hotel, dishing up his oh-so-British grub including, for the first time, breakfast, featuring dishes like deviled kidneys (despite the name, this is food, not a medical condition brought on by the British diet). Late risers will be pleased to learn that the property will also be offering the midmorning snack our friends across the Atlantic call “elevens.”

Opening in October; rooms from $310,

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