Buyer vs. Editor [10/4-10/8]

Chris Wong and Tyler Thoreson go head to head, naming their favorite pieces from this week on Gilt.

TYLER: N.D.C. Cap-toe Laceups

“There are dress shoes that look great with a suit, and then there are those that seem tailor-made for a perfectly broken-in pair of jeans. Footwear from N.D.C. falls squarely (if not literally squarely) into the latter category.”

$298; on sale Monday at noon ET.

CHRIS: N.D.C. Suede Cap Toe Boots

“These N.D.C. boots are handmade in Italy using the finest leathers. What I love is the richness of the color and the distressed leather. As good as they look now, they’ll look even better with age.”
$348; on sale Monday at noon ET.

TYLER: Billykirk card case

“Wallets aren’t unlike luggage, in that you’ll likely fill up whatever space you’ve got. One of these handmade card cases from Kirk and Chris Bray is a great way to force yourself to travel light.”
$39; on sale Tuesday at noon ET.

CHRIS: Luigi Bianchi Mantova Virgin Wool Blazer

“Blazers are making a comeback this season, and this textured two-button jacket is the perfect item for fall. Luigi Bianchi is one of the oldest tailored brands in Italy and it’s still family-owned and run. Their jackets are super lightweight and have beautiful details like the small zippered ticket pocket on this one.”
$398; on sale Tuesday at noon ET.

TYLER: Burberry Prorsum trench

“A classic trench coat is an essential in any man’s wardrobe—actually make that an Essential—and if you’re going to buy one, you might as well get one from the brand that pioneered the style.”
$898; on sale Wednesday at noon ET.

CHRIS: Mason’s Cotton Twill Pants

“Every guy has plenty of jeans in his closet right now, so a cotton khaki is a great alternative. I like the uniqueness and subtlety of the color in this pair by Mason’s. Contrary to what the name may suggest, Mason’s is actually a 25-years-old Italian company, and the fit is as slim and tailored, and as comfortable as a pair of jeans.”
$88; on sale Wednesday at noon ET.

TYLER: Elia Maurizi textured desert boots

“With all apologies to the fine folks at Clarks—and for the record I own two pairs of those—these desert boots from Antonio Maurizi’s son Elia are the sharpest-looking example of the genre I’ve seen in quite a while.”
$218; on sale Thursday at noon ET.

CHRIS: Belstaff Firefly Jacket

“Here’s an update on the classic Belstaff motorcycle jacket—this time done in super-cool black nylon. Designed with performance and durability in mind, it’ll take you from now through January.”
$318; on sale Friday at noon ET.

TYLER: Italia Independent dinner jacket

“Admittedly, there aren’t many occasions in a man’s life that call for a blue double-breasted dinner jacket, but when such an occasion does arise, you might a well have one designed by Lapo Elkann, who inherited most of his wardrobe—and sense of style—from his grandfather, Gianni Agnelli.”
$718; on sale Thursday at noon ET.

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