Exile on the Bestseller List

Unforgettable shots of rock 'n' roll's most hard-living hedonist.
Photo: Peter Webb


As you’ve no doubt heard, Keith Richards—who you may recognize as the face of Gilt MANual Essential No. 5—has written a pull-no-punches autobiography called Life (out tomorrow). Worthy of clickage amid the media storm surrounding its release: this not-to-be-missed slideshow of archival Keef images put together by our friends at The Daily Beast. Among the candid sights captured by Michael Joseph, Peter Webb, David Montgomery, et al.: Keith wrapped in a Pendleton blanket (and sniffing a suspicious herb) with Anita Pallenberg at Joshua Tree; Keith lounging in a purple blazer with “his trusted dog, Ratbag”; and the impromptu bar atop Keith’s onstage Ampeg stack (Jack, Coke, two cans of Coors). At press time, the lurid details of unhygienic living and band infighting contained in the book have begun to leak; while Keith, as is his custom, just keeps on ticking.

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