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Halloween is that one night a year when well-dressed men throw style out the window and take a trip to the dark (or at least really, really unfashionable) side of their wardrobes. We asked a few of our designer friends to share with us their favorite/most embarrassing Halloween costumes (so far).

Michael Bastian soon moved production to Italy

Michael Bastian (right)
Here I am as a freshman at Babson College. I went to a party as Mr. Jiffy Pop and by the end of the night all my popcorn had fallen off and I was Mr. Double-Sided Tape, with a smashed piece of tinfoil on my head.

John Bartlett
In the mid-’90s I was invited to a thematic “Suzie Wong’s Halloween party.” I went as Anna Sui sporting a pink fake fur bomber, a teddy bear backpack and trannie platform Mary Janes.

Chris Olberding, Gitman Vintage
I was Freud’s virgin/whore complex. Costume: black bishop outfit with mitered hat—very clerical, while underneath I donned fishnet stockings and red lingerie. As a rather cumbersome necklace I had one of those blinking, battery powered, brilliantly campy Virgin Mary icon-cum-plastic picture frames you find at bodegas on 3rd street and Avenue D. It was a hit.

Robert Geller
My second Halloween in New York I was James Spader. It was amazing!

Mac McMillan, Pierrepont Hicks (left)
This was Halloween 2002—it was taken somewhere on the Bowery as my buddy and I made our way from bar to bar. We ended up meeting Margot and Richie Tenenbaum as well. If you look closely you can see that the white stripes on our shoulders are actually athletic tape.

Tim Hamilton
I’m lame with Halloween. I was Peter Criss, the drummer from Kiss, every year as a kid.

Michael Venker, Rochambeau
My favorite Halloween costume was this thing I picked up called the “Flasher,” which basically had a trench and then a nude body suit with an offensive, large penis attached to it. After the first Halloween, I ditched the trench and wore a doctor’s smock over the body suit that said, “Orgasm Donor”. My friends hated this costume but I wore it for four consecutive Halloweens until my boyfriend threw it in the trash.

Victor Glemaud
Brian Coats of GQ and I were Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. in matching tuxedos. Let me tell you, it was one wild night.

Kirk and Chris Bray, Billykirk (right)
Chris: Here’s Kirk as Bloody Holly—I did all his makeup and attire. Besides being compared to Yves St. Laurent, he used to get the Buddy Holly reference quite often when he wore these glasses.

Paul Marlow, Loden Dager
I decided I was going as a punk when I was eleven.  I told my mom and she was fine with it. I don’t think she knew what was in store. 
I took a black trash bag and duct taped it to myself as a sleeveless shirt with a pair of old jeans and my very first pair of Vans. I co-opted a wig from somewhere—probably one of the church plays we put on—and some spray paint. And for my loot I dragged around a pillowcase. I felt super punk and was so proud, but when I went to show my parents I sliced my hand on the screen door and had to get five stitches. Very authentic…

Billy Reid
This is crazy for a designer to say, but I don’t do Halloween. I don’t do the circus, I’m not big on amusement parks, and have a dislike for clowns. Stranger yet, my oldest daughter will go into hiding for Halloween and doesn’t like it at all. We’re more Thanksgiving folk.

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