Friday Tastings: Pagan-Holiday Tequilas

Whether you're on the market for an artisanal añejo or just looking to mix a tastier margarita, these agaves will more than do the trick.

As the end of October looms, we’re looking right past Halloween to La Dia de Los Muertos—and the excuse it provides to drink fine tequila. To that end, make space on your altar for this new single-barrel Extra Añejo (a designation meaning that the tequila is aged for at least three years) from Casa Noble. The barrel in question—one of only three like it in Casa Noble CEO Jose Hermosillo’s private stash—was bottled specifically for Park Avenue Liquors in New York, a store known for getting its hands on exclusive editions of premium brands.  This time they scored a gorgeous, seven-year old tequila (the oldest, come to think of it, we’ve heard of). The spicy agave gets a creamy, wood-toasted, cocoa-bean-and-hazelnut makeover from all that time spent in French white oak. Park Avenue’s barrel produced only 300 bottles; and considering that fact, shelling out $100 to own one of them seems eminently reasonable.

Mixing it in a cocktail, however, does not. For that, we recommend Espolón Tequila, which recently returned to U.S. markets after a several-year hiatus. It’s appropriately decorated with Day of the Dead “Catrina” imagery, delicious in margaritas, and a straight-up steal ($24.99 for the Blanco or Reposado).

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