'Goldfinger' Aston Goes for $4.6 Million ($400,000 Off!)

The impossibly tricked-out 1964 DB5 lands in the great American midwest—with revolving license plate and rear blast shield intact.
Photo via Luxist

Ammo sold separately

Yeaggy. Harry Yeaggy. That’s how you’ll have to address the kazillionaire banker from Cincinnati now that he owns the coolest car in the history of… well, ever. Presumably a man of Yeaggy’s stature can restrain himself from letting loose on traffic-law-flouting cyclists and visiting Browns fans with his new vehicle’s oil-slick spreader and wheel-mounted tire slashers; though who the hell would stop him, Blofeld? The rest of us mere mortals can, and should, watch this video of GQ‘s Jamie Lincoln Kitman taking the wondrous automobile for a detailed pre-auction spin.


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