Nice Picture, Buster

In Paris next month: The chance to drop $30k on an Avedon (and help the field of photography in the process).

[smooth=id:21;]Richard Avedon’s black-and-white portraits are classics in minimalist style, and, like the artist himself, both exquisitely precise and effortlessly elegant. Next month a series of rare and iconic prints from the vault will go on the block at Christie’s in Paris. The prices are high, but the goal is philanthropic. “We wanted to set up a endowment,” said Foundation executive director Paul Roth, “to support the field of photography, and the use of photography to do good in the world.” A print of Pablo Picasso is estimated to fetch $30,000-50,000, while a sumptuous portrait of Marilyn Monroe is expected to nab upwards of $100,000. We’ll settle for the amazing Buster Keaton pic at $12,000-18,000.

[via Daily Beast]

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