How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Suit

We're certainly not saying you should. But if you really want to, this is the easiest method that doesn't involve scissors.

Illustration: TobatronAs members of the fairer sex have been known to say, you can learn a lot about a man by his shoes. (And no, they’re not talking about the size of those shoes.) Does he have a keen eye for quality? Is he unafraid to invest in lasting style? Are his feet oddly square-shaped? The shoes tell all.

Regrettably, the story being told by many guys’ footwear is a sad one indeed. While a growing number of gents have discovered the pleasures of wearing a suit that actually fits, far too many (yourself excluded, no doubt) seem to have forgotten that dressing well doesn’t stop at the ankles. Quality dress shoes shouldn’t be an afterthought;  they’re the foundation of a well-chosen wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing to impress yourself or your future wife, there’s really no excuse for skimping in this department. (Especially when Gilt is a part of the equation.) Just make sure your shoes match your suit, and remember to keep them polished. And keep in mind that well made, leather-soled dress shoes are every bit as comfortable as those sporty, rubber-soled loafers you spotted on sale at the mall last weekend—and they’ll last a lot longer, too.

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  2. Gabriel says:

    A well made pair of leather sole shoes that fit well will be just as comfortable as a pair of running shoes.

  3. Arnold says:

    Gilt needs to expand in Asia, especially Hong Kong. Great stuff, keep it up!
    Reblogged this:

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  5. Blake says:

    I would add the pairing of a well-made suit with a casio g-shock to this list, something I observe more often than I would care to admit…

  6. Chad says:

    i have one question, my shoes always seem to lose their sole on the back heel. Is there anyway for me to prevent that happening, i bought some aldo’s and they still do it. I would like to invest in a great pair of shoes, but im in college and short on cash.

  7. Taimur says:


    If you mean the back of the sole wears out (i.e. from walking etc.), you can try something called “heel taps”. Any old cobbler will carry them in stock and should be able to apply them to your pair for USD 5.

    Heel taps feel strange for the first hour or so of wearing them, but then feel just fine once they’re worn in a bit, so don’t fret once you have them put in. You won’t regret it and will thank yourself later once you realize how good an investment it is for a nice pair of shoes.

    Of course, it’s always possible to have a shoe re-soled (especially one that’s ‘Goodyear-welted’), but that might be something you reserve for particularly special pairs.

  8. Kenneth says:

    This seems to me the mantra of WDC dress code. Hideous!!!

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