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Intentionally Leaving the Top Buckle of Your Double-Monks Undone

First in an occasional series of brief pieces spotlighting minor trends in contemporary men's dress.

Photo: Mordechai Rubinstein

These days, it’s all about dropping subtle hints that you’re dressing up because you want to, and not because the boss requires it. At least that’s one explanation for why it’s become so commonplace to undermine the formality of a look by, say, taking pains to ensure that one’s tie is artfully loosened, or leaving one’s shirt cuffs or collar points unbuttoned. Or, as we’re seeing more and more often, refusing to fasten the top buckle of an uber-trad pair of monkstraps. We asked three of our more style-conscious friends why they’re partial to the maneuver.

Scott Schuman [The Sartorialist]
“I don’t always do it but when I do it’s because the shoes are new. Monkstraps buckle higher on the foot than lace ups and when they are new they are stiff and the top buckle can dig into the foot, hence buckling just the bottom buckle until I break them in. Also I like the free and easy style of one buckle. There is something to be said of being able to slip off your shoes in a heartbeat!”

Sean Sullivan [The Impossible Cool; A Conversation on Cool; Gilt MANual contributor]
“Honestly, I wish I had a good reason for doing it, but it’s really only because it’s the most comfortable way to wear them. Like most of us in New York City, I walk a tremendous amount and my feet get tired fast with both straps buckled up. So I guess it’s a case of necessity turning into a style!”

Matt Lambert [Sales Associate, Sid Mashburn]
“Loafers have always felt a bit dainty on me, so I wear the double monks as my version of a loafer. The single buckling chills the whole shoe out a little. However, always buckle up when attending funerals.”

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