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Major Bummer: Scott Sternberg Does Not Like the Spin Doctors

A entertaining--and occasionally enlightening--email exchange conversation with the designer of Band of Outsiders.

Photo: Getty ImagesScott Sternberg’s label Band of Outsiders has been steadily on the rise since the former CAA agent launched it in 2004. He won a CFDA award in 2009 and, perhaps more tellingly, his smart takes on American classics, gently tweaked and expertly cut, have jumped from runway to screen to magazine pages to the street with alarming alacrity. We would have met for breakfast, a la Rellie and Neville but Sternberg is based in L.A., and generally dislikes breakfast. So we decided to email and then pass it off as if we had a face-to-face conversation.

With a name from a Godard film name and a Magritte-inspired polo, you seem a bit of a Francophile. Vrai or faux?
Not really. I just like old, funny stuff.

At what point does the name—A Band of Outsiders—become a misnomer. You have, after all, won the CFDA award in 2009 (belated mazel) but that brings up the issue that you are quickly nearing hegemonic dominance. How do you keep your outsideriness?
I drink a quart of cow’s blood every morning before work.

A quick perusal of your site shows pretty much everyone from Tracy Morgan to Jason Schwartzman (who is the face of Band of Outsiders) to Lego Man have worn your clothes. Who are you most excited to see wearing clothes you’ve designed?
It’s actually much trippier and more exciting when it’s a total stranger.

Did you love Spin Doctors as much as I do? This video of them on Sesame Street is pretty adorable.
You’re alone on that one, bud.

What’s the one piece of menswear that is currently out of favor that you’d like to bring back?
I thought it was so cool when guys would go around wearing trucker hats with True Religion jeans and Ed Hardy T-shirts.

What are the areas in which men routinely scotch their own appearance?
Nose hair.

Any well placed words of advice to prevent them from doing so in the future?
For God’s sake, you’re not the only person who can see the hair coming out of your nose, and it’s much grosser for everyone else, so hop to and clip it.

Can you talk a little about your spring 2011 collection? It seems like Battle Royale mixed with Claire’s Knee with a touch of the Harvard club, in the best way that all those combine.
Well that all sounds nice. Those movies are great. I was looking at old photographs from Paul Outerbridge and thinking about U.S. expats in the 1930s.

OK. Thanks for answering these.

[Shakes hands]


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