Presenting...The Bryan Ferry Film Festival

Our embedded-video tribute to the man, the myth, the style maverick, the... pensioner!

Lord Marmalade

Bryan Ferry, having turned sixty-five last month, is now officially a “senior citizen”—a detail that hasn’t at all cramped the man’s famously rakish sense of style (nor, apparently, his favor in the eyes of women less than half his age). In other words, he’s still the guy we all want to be. That streak continues today with the release of Olympia, Ferry’s first album of original songs since 2002’s Frantic­. It’s a record notable on the surface for: 1) the absence of Bob Dylan covers on its tracklist (Ferry’s last release, the unfortunately titled Dylanesque, was made up entirely of those); 2) the decidedly non-geriatric dance-floor sound, aided by collaborators like the Scissor Sisters and reconciled Roxy Music partner Brian Eno; and, 3) the old-school “Hollywood glamour shot” cover shot, which hearkens back to the look of the original Roxy records—and stars the also-gracefully-aged Kate Moss. Ferry’s music and manner of dress have long been inspired by the silver screen’s golden era (just take a look at the photo portrait on the cover of 1974’s Another Time, Another Place, or listen to Roxy’s “2HB” …shorthand, naturally, for “To Humphrey Bogart”). And so, in honor of that fact, we humbly present the first-ever Bryan Ferry Film Festival. The screen may be far from “silver,” but, we think you’ll agree, seeing Ferry’s style in motion is nothing short of marquee…

Roxy Music, “Ladytron” (1972)

Ferry drifts into full-on, glam-infused, tiger-printed preening mode. And Brian Eno, with hair!

Roxy Music, “Do the Strand” (1973)

Now that’s what you call a peak lapel.

“A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”

Thus began Bryan’s love affair with Dylan. Mr. Zimmerman, however, was never able to wear a fitted black T-shirt quite like this.

Roxy Music, “Love Is the Drug” (1975)

“Embedding disabled by request” (thanks, EMI!), but we can’t in good conscience leave this one out. Why? One word: Eyepatch!

“These Foolish Things” (1973)

Never foolish*: ten-inch lapels on your creamy white suit; wistfully crooning beside a matching piano.

(*If your name is Bryan Ferry.)

“The Kenny Everett Video Show” interview, 1978.

Meet bearded Bryan Ferry. Oh, and Kenny Everett, an unsung comic genius who uncannily resembled that guy from the Spin Doctors. (Speaking of, why have they been coming up so much recently?)

Lester Bangs vs. Bryan Ferry (circa 1972)

And last, but not least: Lester. Here, the foul-mouthed, perpetually pickled rock critic tries his best to put a dent in Ferry’s mojo.

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