Style from the Ground Up

As Gilt MAN searches for the most hideous pair of shoes in America (see below for more on that), Mister Mort showcases a few who do it right.

[smooth=id:22;]At the risk of being accused of shooting fish in a barrel, Gilt MAN is on the hunt for the ugliest pair of men’s shoes in America (we’re not kidding: it’s on Facebook and you can enter right here. The “winner” gets $1,000 to spend on Gilt MAN). To mark the occasion, and to provide an antidote to the unfortunate footwear that surrounds us, here are a few of our favorite pairs from the streets around last month’s New York Fashion Week, as captured by Mister Mort. Disagree with our choices? Feel free to leave a comment. Feel the sudden urge to bust out the ankle bronzer and roll up your jeans? Hey, that’s your call, bud.

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  2. Scott says:

    Anyone know who makes the shoe worn by Robert Bryan in the photo?

  3. Derek says:

    Please learn what an oxford is.

  4. Tyler Thoreson says:

    Please elaborate.

  5. Derek says:

    The things you’ve labeled here as oxfords are actually derbies. Oxfords have eyelets sewn into the vamp, in other words closed eyelets. Derbies have open eyelets, where they open out like flaps, and aren’t sewn into the vamp. Frankly, by labeling derbies as oxfords, you undermine your credibility a little bit. I would assume a clothing blog would know the difference between oxfords and derbies, balmorals and bluchers. It’s pretty basic.

  6. Edison says:

    Well, technically speaking, you’re correct. But in the US, the term “oxford” is often used more loosely to mean dressy lace ups, including both bals and blucher/derbies. No need to be condescending. On a side note, I would also love to know who makes those brogued captoes worn by Robert Bryan.

  7. Tyler says:

    Derek, we’re aware of the distinction, but decided to go with common American usage, which puts Oxfords and bluchers under the same banner. Guess it comes down to whether you like your grammar to be prescriptive or descriptive. In any case, I’m glad people are looking out.

  8. Michael says:

    Anyone know who makes the shoes in the picture titled, “A Serious Pair of Wingtip”?

  9. Libby says:

    As a Allen Edmonds fan, I think I recognize a few of these amazing shoes: the black oxfords are the Leeds style, the Sartorialist’s shes look like the discontinued Mora style, and the walnut wingtips are a dead-ringer for the McAllister. Pretty sharp, gentlemen.

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