The (Art) Director’s Cut

Moxy Creative House, who made beer-themed wall art for this summer’s World Cup, have released a series of redesigned movie posters in which the costumes, rather than the actors, get the starring role. Some are predictable—Fear and Loathing features HST’s iconic hat, glasses and cigarette holder—but others, such as the Superman poster which only show’s Clark Kent’s spectacles, showcase the power of brevity. Our favorite? The weirdly-plaintive poster for American Psycho, whose empty raincoat suggests the posture of a vulnerable little boy, rather than, you know, an axe murderer.

[via Every Guyed]

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  2. Marcus says:

    where can I/can I buy these?

  3. ultrasound scools says:

    thank you for writing this article babe it was a fun read

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