Movie Break

The iPad App Demo Film Festival

A premature retrospective of a burgeoning art form

Since the launch of Apple’s iPad, various print media entities have realized their future therein lies. This has led to a new artform still in its embryonic state: the iPad App Video Demo. To mark the latest arrival, courtesy of our brethren at Esquire, we’ve chosen a few of the latest and greatest for your viewing pleasure. And if you’re watching this on an iPad, give yourself meta-props.

Jason Schwartzman stars in the New Yorker iPad app demo. He wears a moustache but often no pants.

Esquire has recruited Javier Bardem to introduce their iPad app, and there’s a functionality that allows one to make a model sit on a stool and rotate. Endless fun.

Wired‘s iPad app is hot as a microwaved potato wrapped in tinfoil, but their video feels like a manual…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Vanity Fair recruited Kelsey Grammer and deserves recognition for being hilarious despite this fact. Major demerits for autoplaying.

GQ asks you to “Swipe, Tap, Flip Like a Man” which sounds like what Gene Kelly was really good at doing. Music bonus points for the Wild Nothing song in the background.

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