Three Cheers for the Perennial, Of-the-Moment, Totally-Over Wingtip!

An ancient style's extended moment.
Photo: Mordechai Rubinstein

Meticulously rolled-up jeans entirely optional.

When they inked their deal with Florsheim, the Milwaukee-based footwear brand known for making sturdy shoes for sturdy men, Daniel Silver and Steven Cox of Duckie Brown welcomed the chance to breathe new life into classics like suede loafers and traditional brogues. And they did it in a very Duckie way, rendering the stodgy old wingtip in colors like bright blue and eye-catching silver, and extending the broguing across the entire shoe. Thanks to the Duckies, J.Crew’s relentless boosting of uber-trad American brand Alden, and the support of stylish editors like Bruce Pask and Dirk Standen, the Wingtips 2.0 thing has been going strong for a few good years now. David Colman of The New York Times weighs in on the it today with a pretty hilarious opener (“Men are from moors, women are from Paris”—get it?). Meanwhile, the cheeky gents over at Details devote some space in their November issue to the latest thing: dudes who know the exact moment it’s time to move on to the next trend. Something tells me that guys who hew to that philosophy just decided to put their wingtips away for good (if they haven’t already), but I’ll be busting mine out regularly for several years to come. (For the record, I’m currently wearing Florsheim by Duckie Brown, in understated black. My colleague Andy Comer, meanwhile, happens to be rocking a distressed pair of vintage Johnston & Murphy longwings he picked up in Boston a few years back.) In any case, if you do find the need to plot your post-wingtip strategy, here’s my pick for what’s next:

Photo: Mordechai Rubinstein

Oxford, derby, blucher... it's a sharp look whatever you call it.

And, on other end of the spectrum… Click here to cast your vote for America’s ugliest pair of shoes.

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