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Turn Your Hovel Into a Bachelor Pad

Be the kind of guy with candles and a nice stereo. You're a man now.

If you were a bachelor in the '70s and are still one now, perhaps you need to redecorate.

As Tom Waits once sang, “Anywhere I lay my head, I’ll call my home.” True enough, but why not lay your head down on some really really nice sheets—a true Essential, by the way—while listening to Tom Waits on a sleek and compact Tivoli Audio Music System. (Saying “stereo” is so passé.) If you still live in an apartment with a framed Led Zep poster—you know that one taken beside their jet with Plant almost shirtless—above a crummy sofa over which you’ve thrown an afghan to cover the stains, the Bachelor Pad sale over at Gilt Home is a necessity. For the rest of you—and we’re assuming you’re the majority—it’s a boon nonetheless.

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