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An Italian classic keen on looking forward.

When it comes to rain wear essentials, we tend to focus our gaze on the British Isles. Often overlooked is the Florence-based brand Allegri and their Italian contribution to wetter climates. Founded in the 1960s, Allegri became de riguer luxury outerwear during a renaissance of Italian luxury brands. Over the last four decades, the brand has walked a fine line between introspective filial craftsmanship and global collaboration. Designers like Giorgio Armani, Martin Margiela, and most recently Viktor Horsting and Rolf Soeren (a k a Viktor & Rolf) have taken the design reins and brought the hand-crafted process to a more mass audience. Current designer Francesco Scognamiglio has continued the simple Allegri family formula: the best fabrics worked into classic silhouettes and templates.

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