Cable Guys

Inverallan’s decision to cease production on personal orders has lead to a cultish eBay/Etsy following among those obsessed with the Scottish company’s finely-crafted knitwear. Inventory magazine, whose latest issue we recently profiled, has teamed with the all-but-nonexistent brand on a limited run of cable-knit beanies and a cardigan. Each piece is signed by the knitter, emphasizing the deliberate, and innately human, element of the production process. This is heavy-duty knitwear made to withstand the biting winds of the Scottish moors. In other words, warm. This is the second installment of the Inverallan x Inventory collaboration; the first sold out on pre-orders alone. We’ve been promised a larger run this time around, but don’t expect these to last through their first weekend. Go here and hit refresh. Repeat.


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