Here Are the Young Men

For a band whose musical influence has been trumpeted in recent years as nothing short of game-changing, we haven’t actually ever seen that much of Joy Division. Until now. Photographer Kevin Cummins embedded himself in Manchester’s now-fetishized post-punk music scene way back in 1976—before it was even “post”—and emerged with a series of contact sheets that more than backs up the case for Ian Curtis and co. as bona fide style heroes. (The same case is made on the runways by designers like Patrik Ervell each season, but you already knew that.) Cummins’s new book, Joy Division (Rizzoli), captures the band members unguarded, in all their trenchcoated and flannel-blazer-wearing glory; and also happens to feature an introductory paean by Jay McInerney, who it turns out is a big fan. (Join the club, Jay.) Tonight Cummins himself turns up at New York City art gallery White Columns to sign copies.

Joy Division, $29.70 from; Cummins at White Columns, 6 p.m.,

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