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'Inventory' Fall-Winter 2010

A quick flip through what may be the best-looking book in men's fashion.

Photo: Courtesy of Inventory

In his “Director’s Note,” which prefaces the just-out Fall-Winter ’10 issue of Inventory, editor Ryan Willms says he shares “a similar drive to many of our subjects—a desire to refine ideas, develop the concept, and make something better every time.” Bold words, as those subjects have in the past included L.A.’s Mister Freedom, Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments, and badass bootmaker Yuketen. This time around, Willms and Owen Parrott, who take turns in the roles of writer and photographer, visit a veteran vintage store owner in Seattle, a maker of bespoke throwback baseball jerseys, and a Brooklyn-based artisanal perfumer. (A special shout to our pal Rafael Rios, who shoots a fashion story called—appropriately enough for a publication obsessed with craftsmanship—“These Things Take Time.”) All of which is to say: Go pick up a copy at one of these spots. Yes, it’ll set you back 20 bucks, but it’s not every magazine that’s as well-constructed as your APCs. (Seriously: Check out that “FSC-certified” paper stock!)

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