Motorcycle Diaries: Apolis Activism

The conscientiously globetrotting label hits the Ho Chi Minh trail. Camera included.

Making rain-resistant clothes in one of the more arid regions of North America might come off as a little bit…misguided? So Apolis Activism, based in near-weather-less Los Angeles, sought to test out their new collection of wax cotton anoraks, canvas duffel bags, and chambray swim trunks in a region accustomed to the occasional downpour. That region: monsoon-soaked Vietnam. As part of their seasonal pilgrimages to developing countries, the label’s designers, brothers Shea and Raan Parton, traversed the Ho Chi Minh trail last spring (on Russian Minsk motorcycles, no less). In addition to keeping a daily journal (no doubt assisted by their own waterproof notebook and space pen), the brothers Parton created this short film documenting the trip in its entirety—and proving their wares more than up to the task.

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