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Nice Jeans, Mister

Photos: Mordechai RubinsteinAllow us to direct your attention to this gentleman, who’s featured today on Mister Mort. His name is Benoit, he’s got a knack for layering, and, per Mordechai, he pleats his own jeans (hey, if you like your 501s pleated I suppose you’d better be prepared to handle the procedure in-house). The men’s style universe appears to be having a bit of a humor-enhanced moment, which, for the record, is all good by us.

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  2. Alec says:

    pleated jeans. no

  3. Winston says:

    I concur.

  4. CHARLES says:

    Why would you pleat your 501’a if you have a nice package?

  5. CHARLES says:

    Why would you pleat your jeans if you have a nice package?

  6. CHARLES says:

    I can take a hint

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