Your Comprehensive, Totally Abridged Guide to The Pop Up Flea

Five not-to-be-missed booths at this weekend's big event.

This weekend brings the third installment of the Americana-obsessed vendor extravaganza known as The Pop Up Flea. Brainchild of A Continuous Lean captain and Gilt MANual contributing editor Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg of UrbanDaddy and Kempt, the Flea hosts a carefully-curated selection of goods from brands both recognizable (J.Crew, Gant) and obscure (Wooden Sleepers, which it turns out is just one very clued-in guy from Brooklyn). So first things first: Go. And then, once you’re inside, make a beeline for these five booths.

Oak Street Bootmakers
These Chicago-based cordwainers handcraft all their footwear in the USA (you’ll note a common theme here) and have struck a chord with their Vibram-soled trail oxfords. While available in their online store, orders usually take over a month to process. This weekend’s your big chance at instant gratification. Plus, they’ve leaked some sketches of shoe designs made exclusively for the Flea.

Smith + Butler
Simply because we’re intrigued with what they’ll bring in from Brooklyn. Could it be a 1975 BMW R75/5? Quite possibly. They have promised limited-edition Pointer pants and jackets (like the one above) and “frosty vintage goodness.” Sold.

Wooden Sleepers
What you always wished you could find at your grandparents’ house. “Treasure trove” might be a bit overused, but this Brooklyn-based Etsy store is just that. We’ve never been so excited to cop an eagle-seal Pyrex mixing bowl. There is literally no telling what will end up in this booth.

Unlike most vendors, Hickoree’s has dispensed with the mystery and set out exactly what they’re bringing to the table. Pickles and cocktails will sit alongside pocket squares by The Hill-Side, made exclusively for the weekend. A medley of hard goods, no doubt.

Stanley & Sons
You might not need an apron in your everyday life; but if you do, these are the ones. If woodworking and/or heritage barbecuing aren’t your thing, Stanley & Sons bags, mostly re-purposed from Army/Navy store surpluses, should be your score here. All handmade (there’s that word again) in New York City.

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