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Billy Reid, Locked and Loaded

It's not every fashion designer you can go shotgun-shooting with. In a new Gilt MAN video, Mr. Reid schools us on proper use of a 12-gauge—and shows off a sharp new bag design.

Photo: Sean SullivanOne of the benefits of working in men’s fashion is the chance to get to know incredibly talented and interesting guys like Billy Reid. And while I’ve had my share of “I can’t believe I get paid for this” moments over the years (at least one involving Billy and our mutual friend Pappy van Winkle), it’ll be hard to top the good times that went down a few weeks back when Billy, Sean Sullivan, Jake Davis, Megan Maguire Steele, and I piled into a rented SUV for a trip up to the Orvis Sandanona shooting range about 70 miles north of Manhattan. Our goal was twofold: to shoot a video capturing Mr. Reid’s inimitable personal style in action, and to nab as many of the elusive species clayus pigeonicus as we could in the process. Billy is a longtime hunter, and as you’ll see in the video below, he’s as adept with a 12-gauge as Sean and Jake are with their Canon 7Ds. While you’re watching, keep an eye out for a white canvas bag, which is the latest spot-on accessory to come out of Mr. Reid’s Alabama atelier. It’s entirely made in America—right down to the copper rivets—and it’s available now on Gilt as an online exclusive.

P.S. If you’re in the New York area and are inspired to go shoot some guns, by all means head up to Orvis Sandanona in Millbrook. Ask for D.J.–he’ll take good care of you.

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