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Editor's Pick: 2010 Vespa LX 150

Photo: Everett Collection

A downright biblical Anthony Quinn, showing off his Vespa skills on the set of 'Barabbas.'

It’s hard to compete with the cultural caché of a Vespa. Dapper Brit Mods and Gregory Peck packing Audrey Hepburn around the streets of Rome immediately come to mind. Yet beyond timeless Italian cool there lies actually functionality. Any Roman, or Los Angeleno for that matter, will tell you it’s a nightmare to drive congested metropolitan avenues. Streets and intersections made to accommodate 1st-century chariots aren’t particularly conducive to 21st-century traffic flow. Enter the Vespa. Tiny, cheaper, and infinitely more maneuverable than the most diminutive of automobiles. But let’s not kid ourselves; some things, like 8 1/2 and white jeans in winter, are simply and unequivocally Italian cool. Add the Vespa to that short list.

Vespa, on sale now at Gilt.

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  1. Dave says:


    That’s not even a word.

    Perhaps you meant cachet?

    Or did you mean cache?

  2. Brian says:

    Too bad the styling is crap.

  3. null says:

    Too bad Anthony is on a Lambretta, not a Vespa.

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