It’s fascinating to see items of clothing fall from grace, only to rocket back to wardrobe relevance—necessity, even—in short periods of time. Such has been the fate of the crewneck sweatshirt. Just a couple years ago, the very crewnecks many preferred, say, ten years ago, were reviled. If it didn’t have a hood we weren’t interested. Crewnecks were for soccer moms to wear over turtlenecks, emblazoned with obscure college logos like Frostburg State. Or bedazzled cats. But then something changed. Maybe it’s the stark simplicity of the raglan sleeve or the pleasures to be taken from basic heather gray. Maybe it’s nostalgia for our childhood, for our father’s childhood, for his father’s.  The crewneck sweatshirt has been a staple for generations, and more than deserves the renewed interest it now enjoys.

We’re not talking about the beefy side-ribbed Champion behemoths here; we’re talking about something more refined, something slim and soft. Something as suitable for a Chariots of Fire-esque beach run (or, you know, beer drinking on the beach) as it is layered under a suit jacket. It’ll look great either way. The simplicity is the key to the versatility, and this version from Cheap Monday has simplicity in spades. Consider it an experiment to see how many ways you can make this blank canvas relevant—necessary, even—to your wardrobe.

Cheap Monday, on sale at Noon ET today on Gilt MAN.

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