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Editor's Pick: Gilt + Martin Greenfield

Setting foot in Martin Greenfield’s factory in Brooklyn really is like stepping into history. The man has been making suits in the same building in Bushwick for more than half a century, and its wood floors are literally almost worn through in places. The ACL-worthy shop stool in the stairwell? It was there long before they started replicas at Crate & Barrel. In other words, it’s just the kind of place that a man who cares about lasting style ought to go to have his suits made.

The catch? Unless you happen to be a cast member on Boardwalk Empire or the mayor, it’s next to impossible to get an appointment with the master tailor and his right-hand man, Dominic. Which is where Gilt MAN head buyer Chris Wong comes in. On sale at noon today is Chris’s latest collaboration with the master tailor of Brooklyn, which features a gorgeous assortment of suits, blazers, and outerwear. My favorites? The  elegantly elongated peacoat, above right, and the jacket at left, which, as a velvet blazer with  an eye-catchingly purple lining, manages to combine two Gilt MAN Essentials into a single garment.

They go on sale at Gilt at noon ET today, and I daresay they’re going to go quickly.

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