I’m going to be completely honest with you here. I don’t want you to take my advice; please do not buy this blazer or anything else from today’s Patrik Ervell sale. Especially anything of the size 44 or “large” variety. As has been previously noted here, I’m something of a fan of the designer. Its something that really came to fruition during Ervell’s Fall 2008 show. Floor-to-ceiling windows framed the show with an expansive view of the Hudson River. An esoteric Boards of Canada/Sigur Rós hybrid instrumental set the tone of a stark, clean detail-oriented show. Plus air ties, lots and lots of air ties—and those who know me are well-versed in my proclivity to rock the David Lynch. Ervell has remained one of those shows that’s immediately highlighted during successive fashion weeks. His slim-fitting suits, club collars, and experimental use of fabrics (rust and gold lamé come immediately to mind) mark him as one of New York’s most forward, yet accessible designers. Thus, today, if you’re over 6’3″ and on the slimmer side, please, don’t log on and buy any Patrik Ervell. It’ll be the best decision (for me) you’ll ever make.

Patrik Ervell, on sale today at Noon ET on Gilt MAN.

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