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Editor's Pick: Skip Barber Racing School

As you’ve already learned from Gilt MAN Essential No. 25, knowledge of how to pilot a high-performance car around a track is something required of every guy. Not according to some arbitrary set of “real man” criteria—but because the experience itself can be a hell of a lot of fun (as Paul Newman, Coors in hand, can attest). Or…so I’m told. As my wife can tell you, I’m more than apt at doing 90 on a straight ribbon of the New Jersey Turnpike; the problems arise when I’m belatedly slamming on the brakes, trying to navigate the curves of an exit ramp. (That’s right—for me, an exit ramp means “curves.”) In other words: I’ll freely admit this is one Gilt MAN Essential I have yet to tackle. Which is why today’s Skip Barber Racing School sale over at Jetsetter has piqued my interest. Three days in Palm Beach (or Laguna or Atlanta, should you prefer), hitting 150mph in real Formula One cars under the guidance (and, critical for me, the protection) of some of the world’s foremost racing experts? Sounds cool to me. As long as “the wife” is okay with it, I mean…

Skip Barber Racing School packages, on sale now at Jetsetter.

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